Peer to Peer Network

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P)?

Peer-to-Peer is the gathering of resources from companies in the same industry to build a community benefiting from economy of scale advantage, to deliver all-round commercial services such as risk management, employment law, health & safety, insurance, and much more.

How does Peer-to-Peer work?

We create pools by bringing together business in the same industry to form the P2P community, this is achieved by sharing experiences on best practices through a knowledge hub, learning from each other, and creating economies of scale to get better deals.

How about Peer-to-Peer insurance?

Peer-to-Peer insurance is not about traditional insurance, it is about taking insurance back to its roots when the focus of insurance was about cooperation and well-being of the community, dating back to London in 1675 when ship owners cooperated against troubles they faced when sailing. They came in collectively to protect their ships, as they could not replace them on their own.

P2P brings in your collective buying power to negotiate discounted premiums and pooling part of the premium together to pay in case of an incident and pay you back in case of no claim event.

How do we make sure it works?

We have connected with several service providers, in addition to insurance brokers, who were able to see the benefit of the peer to peer programme. Our team will help facilitate the operations of the P2P pool, by providing advice and a pool-specific knowledge centre.


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