Health Insurance for UK Business

Health Insurance is one of the most valued and sought-after employee and business benefits. It increases productivity and helps employee retention. There are over 5 million SME businesses in the UK, of which over two-thirds have considered a healthcare package but only 5% go ahead and purchase. For many businesses, traditional Private Medical Insurance is expensive, is full of confusing medical jargon and is difficult to use.

My Corporate Network have exclusive access to a brand-new Health Insurance product which is addressing many of the problems SMEs face when providing healthcare for their team. Our solution provides faster access to key services that the NHS struggles to deliver. It is easy to understand with no underwriting questions and is more affordable as every employee costs the same per month.

For less than £300 per month, a business of 10 staff can get access to a 24/7 remote GP service, physio treatment, diagnostic tests, hospital treatment and a personal health check. Businesses can also add Dental, Optical and Stress Support with the ability for employees to upgrade cover, add family and purchase other optional extras themselves.

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