Health Insurance for UK Business

My Corporate Network (MCN)  is now set to provide SME businesses with affordable, hassle-free health insurance plans, starting from just £7 a month per employee, from 1st March 2018.

In a two year exclusive deal with newly launched health insurance provider Equipsme (  MCN aims to revolutionise this type of insurance for SMEs of all sizes who may have previously struggled to afford or understand traditional health insurance plans.

With four levels of cover at four pre-set price points (£7, £17, £29 and £37 a month per employee), MCN is making it easy for SME business owners to look after their staff with simple, cost effective health insurance cover.

As an example, a business with 10 employees can purchase level 2 cover for everyone for just £290 a month providing their employees with a 24/7 GP service, physio sessions, diagnosis services, scans, hospital treatment and health checks.

Each employee can choose to upgrade their level of cover and add family members on to their plan.

Business owners and their employees can access all services offered when on cover through a mobile responsive portal or an app that they can download on to their mobile devices, making it even easier to arrange a physio session or GP consultation.

David Currie MD of My Corporate Network says:

“SME businesses employ over 16 million people across the UK – that’s 60% of all private sector employment, yet only 5 percent of them buy health insurance for their employees. It’s simply been out of their reach. Well we believe that SMEs, no matter their size, should be able to insure their employees without breaking the bank.

“This new range of health insurance from Equipsme is easy to understand and it’s affordable. And with physio, diagnosis and hospital treatment insured by AXA PPP healthcare which is part of one of the world’s largest insurers, SME owners can rest assured that their employees will receive the very best help and support when they need it most.”

Welcome to My Corporate Network

My Corporate Network (MCN) goes live with a community of strategic partners to deliver the best quality advice and genuine value for money to SME businesses. The partners we have selected are leading-edge organisations in their own field of expertise and we will be working closely with them to ensure that your expectations are fully met.

MCN has already helped over 30 businesses with significant cost savings and better risk management. Managing Director David Currie said, “Our aim is simple. We want to ensure that you are getting the right advice for your specific business and that you are getting the best value from your suppliers. Many supply arrangements are out of date and have not been reviewed for some time and in a fast-changing world both your business and the support available to you may have changed significantly.”

With continuing political and economic uncertainty you can benefit from a confidential review of your costs and risk profile.